On Death, Duty & Dysphoria

On March 17, 2010 my beloved 89-year old grandmother was referred for hospice care. Her dearest wish was die at home surrounded by those who love her. Because she has been living with me for the past few years,
this meant that she would die in my house. On March 21, she got her wish.

I started this blog because I discovered that writing about the situation helped me to process the tide of new
information and swirling emotions that comes with being a hospice caregiver. By documenting my journey,
I hoped it would help me to cope with everything that happened in the days to come. It has.
I continue it now, both as a tribute her remarkable life, and as a means of coming to terms with her loss.

Everyone handles the death of a loved one a little differently. If you are dealing with a similar situation,
or if you are one of the many adult children or grandchildren faced (as I have been) with making end-of-life care choices
for an elderly relative, I hope these posts will help provide some perspective. Perhaps, in some small way,
my experiences will help you cope during your own journey.

Remembering Peggy


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